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Hello! We are Adam and Danielle Moore, and we are the founding members of the Together We Learn Tutoring and Enrichment Center.


Adam has been a teacher for over 20 years working in both traditional and non-traditional schools. He has won Teacher of the Year at two separate schools and is now a tenured college math professor. He is our high school enrichment teacher, math tutor, and bass guitar teacher (a man of many hats!).

Danielle was homeschooled for her entire K-12 experience. She also went on to earn two masters degrees and to become a professional educator for over 20 years, serving students in non-traditional schools in grades TK-12. She has also worked in virtual and independent study settings as both a teacher and administrator, as well as having served as a college instructor.


Together, we have homeschooled our own children since 2019. Consequently, we have developed a passion for equipping homeschooled families to be successful in all of their educational pursuits.

Meet some of the team:

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My name is Joanna. I am the teacher for the Enrichment Center for grades 3-5. I've been homeschooling for about 6 years and prior to homeschooling, I worked as a school health clerk, a proctor, and as a child caretaker. In my free time, I enjoy gardening and learning everything there is to know about herbal and homeopathic remedies.

My husband and I are coming up on 20 years of marriage and we have 3 kiddos: A 19-year-old daughter, a 13-year-old daughter, and an 8-year-old son. It's been a blessing choosing to homeschool our kids. Homeschooling has allowed them to excel in what they are good at and allows me to customize their education and let them run with their talents.  From my experience with working with children, I have learned that they all learn differently.  They're all wonderfully and fearfully made and not one child is the same. Their outlook on life and curiosity to learn is something that I have treasured and have had the privilege to be part of. I look forward to meeting your student :)

My name is Candice Stewart. I am the TK/K teacher for the Enrichment Center. I have been a homeschooler since 2020. I have been married almost 20 years, and I have two kids, ages 16 and 11. I have worked with kindergarteners for over seven years as a volunteer, and I absolutely love working with this age group! 

In my free time, I like to volunteer at my church, camp in my travel trailer, and hang out with family and friends. I look forward to working with your students this year!

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Hi Everyone,

I am Isaac Moore (son of Adam and Danielle Moore). Because I was homeschooled, I was able to attend college and high school at the same time, which put me in a position to be able to graduate with my Associates degree early. This advantage affords me to do what I really love, which is to play guitar. I have been playing guitar for two years, and I play on stage at my youth group as well as in my recently formed (yet to publically perform) band. I also have volunteered with elementary aged students for several years at a local church and love to teach. I have combined my passion for teaching and playing guitar to be able to offer intro guitar lessons for students wishing to learn this amazing instrument. 

     Hello, my name is Sandi Fisher.  I live in the High Desert of sunny California. I have a Master’s Degree in English with a Specialization in Rhetoric. I also have a BA in Social Sciences and 18 units toward my MA in School Counseling and teacher credentials. I have an AA in Liberal Arts and an AS degree in Business Education Technology.  I also hold certifications in Computer Systems I & II, as well as certifications in online instruction through CANVAS and Blackboard. In addition, I am also a certified reading tutor with Project Literacy in the U.S. 

     I have worked in the field of education, in one way or another, for most of my adult life.  

I have worked as an adjunct instructor teaching English and Basic Skills English at two different community colleges. I have also worked at public elementary schools as a reading tutor, and I tutored privately as well since 1986. I’m currently working as a bookkeeper for a small business, and I am also a co-owner of Together We Learn TEC, where I teach reading and language arts classes and offer private tutoring.

I like being able to teach classes online to students anywhere in the world.  The thought of that is really exciting because the possibilities are endless! It’s more fun to teach students in person though because we have more interaction in the classroom, and students like learning together and playing the games in groups. 

     I have been teaching English and grammar for a long time at the college level, but my favorite subject to teach is reading. I love teaching people to read because it is there that I feel that I can really make a difference in people’s lives. I believe that when students have good foundations in reading, it will help them to be successful in all of their classes, and carry on to every aspect of their future lives. 

In the past, I was a substitute teacher at all six centers of a local charter school. I also taught Sunday school at two different churches.  I home schooled my children for 14 years.  I became a leader in the home school movement in the 80s, in which I co-founded a home school support group and taught classes.  I served as the activity director there for nine years, and the yearbook advisor, and newspaper editor for two years each. Many years later, I home schooled my grandchildren for three years and taught them to read by the age of three. Then I home schooled them again for almost two years when they reached middle school and high school.

     I also worked as a sales representative for a company in which I sold phonics-based curriculum, which later led to my owning a bookstore that catered to teachers and home schoolers. I taught classes at my bookstore and counseled home school parents on how to home school their children.  I also taught classes on how to teach children to read at statewide home school and private school conventions.  

As a teacher and a tutor, I have worked with students from preschool age all the way through adulthood. I have worked with students with diverse backgrounds and various disabilities, including learning and physical disabilities. I have worked with students who are hearing impaired, and students who have had autism, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, as well as at-risk students, and students who lacked motivation. I have also taught students who speak English as a second language.  

     I believe that my unique experience makes me a perfect teacher and tutor for the diverse population of home school and charter school students served by Together We Learn TEC. I am so excited to be working with home schoolers again, because I am still a home schooler at heart, even though I have been working in public schools for a long time! I am also really happy to be able to go back to my roots of teaching students to read, because teaching reading is what I really love to do best! 

     I am very much looking forward to working with our Together We Learn students and families. I promise, I will make learning to read and write fun!

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     Hi! My name is Alina Efting. I am the 1st & 2nd grade teacher at Together We Learn. I recently obtained my Bachelor of Arts in English, and I have been working with kids since 2017. 
     I was homeschooled from 4th-12th grade. While I appreciated the flexibility and freedom of homeschooling, I thrived by involving myself in additional programs and classes like Together We Learn with teachers and students outside my home. 
     Teaching students and enriching their lives is a passion of mine. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year. 

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