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Together We Learn Tutoring and Enrichment Center was born from a desire to help homeschool students have fun making friends and learning together. We saw a need to create in-person learning and socialization classes for students in the High Desert, so we partnered with other homeschool families to develop this awesome enrichment center. The center exists to support the curricula families are already using by leading standards-aligned activities for the students. This program is an enrichment program, designed to help bring to life the educational content students are working on in their home school and is not a comprehensive curriculum. In accordance with charter school policy, we do not send work samples to charter school teachers.

We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. at Victor Valley Christian Church,  11223 11th Ave, Hesperia, CA 92345We serve students in grades TK-12 and offer activities in math, English, history, science, PE, and electives. For TK-8, potential electives include art, music, seasonal-themed activities, etc. Families can choose from a one day a week, or a two day a week option.


High school students will work on a variety of hands on activities, designed to meet standards in various subjects including, art, life skills, home economics, etc, and they can complete the assignments they are assigned from their charter or private school affidavit and will receive tutoring to help support the curriculum they were assigned by their charter or parent.  Classes are held in small groups and are broken up by age, with hands-on activities that allow students the opportunity to learn by working together. We believe that the best way to teach is to make the material meaningful to the students and that students learn best when they are having fun.

We now offer online and in-person bass, and guitar music lessons!

We also offer tutoring for both homeschooled and traditional school students in the subjects of math and English. Our tutoring is offered by college professors who hold master's degrees in their given subject, and who have a great deal of tutoring experience. We offer tutoring in basic math all the way through calculus and beyond. Our language arts program is comprised of varying degrees of writing instruction tailored to the skill level of each individual student, including introductory writing all the way through advanced types of essays, as well as instruction in grammar. Additionally, we have a tutor that has specialized in reading with over 40 years of experience, who has taught people from the ages of 3-72 years old to learn to read! We offer this service in-person for High Desert residents, or online for students anywhere in the world!

Families can pay directly through invoicing, or use charter school funds or purchase orders to pay for services that they need. In most cases, charter schools will pay for tutoring and students' classes without any cost for homeschool families!

Click on the tabs above to see all of the classes and options for tutoring services that we can provide your students!

11223 11th Ave,
Hesperia CA, 92345

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